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Do you have a car, truck, SUV, or Recreational vehicle that you want to sell?

Are you worried or concerned about all the risks involved in selling your vehicle?

  1. How much is it worth? What do I ask for my vehicle?
  2. How do I show the car? Where do I go? Walmart, Kroger, a dark alley??
  3. Do I give them my home address? Should they know where I Live?
  4. What do I do if they want to test drive? Do I even get into a car with a stranger?
  5. How do I get paid, Check, Cash, MO…is it real?
  6. What if they want to finance?

Face it, these are all valid concerns and it is much harder to sell a vehicle than it used to be in this time and day. Well, it’s all very simple. Bring your vehicle to Ron’s Auto Sales and let me take all the risks and hassles out of selling your vehicle. It’s Fast, Friendly, and Free. We are providing a Consignment Service for all qualified vehicles. This service is a helpful and safe way to sell your vehicle in a timely manner without all the uncertainties at NO COST to you.

Benefits to consigning vehicles:

  1. You will always get more money for your vehicle rather than giving it away as a trade in….always!
  2. No phone calls at who knows what time of day or night.
  3. No strangers coming to your home or worse, having to meet them somewhere.
  4. No haggling with potential buyers or risk with their method of payment.
  5. No making special arrangements in you day to show your vehicle.
  6. We have a clean, secure, well lighted, state of the art facility open 6 days a week to show your vehicle.
  7. We have a large loyal customer base. Just look at our reviews.
  8. We have financial options for potential buyers. Banks, Credit Unions, & Finance Companies
  9. We have the means to secure your payoff if you still own on the vehicle.
  10. Optional internet advertising and Auto Check package for maximum exposure!

To see if your car qualifies, just answer 6 easy questions.

  1. Pass safety inspection?
  2. Will it pass emissions, if required?
  3. No major accidents?
  4. Clean and clear title?
  5. Current insurance?
  6. Is there a Lien holder? If so what is the pay off?

If you can answer YES, then we can assist in selling your vehicle.

Simply bring the vehicle to our location and we can begin the process. You should remove all personal effects and clean the vehicle as much as possible (detailing is available). First we will perform a safety inspection, at no charge, to ensure quality for the potential buyer.

As for the pricing; again it’s simple. We ask for you to give us the lowest price that you will accept for the vehicle. You will then be guaranteed that amount. We will then advertise the vehicle above your sale price. This way we are negotiating our commission, not the price of your car. Once we find a buyer, the vehicle will be sold to them without any of the hassle. We will make sure that you receive appropriate payment and the buyer receives the car and correctly filled out title and Bill of Sale.

Get your car to Ron today and take advantage of this unique service to get more money in your pocket without all the hassle and risk involved in selling a vehicle.

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